For immediate release: August 6, 2014


Dear Fight for the Future member,

Did you read this article about net neutrality that Comcast had censored? Like many attempts at corporate censorship, it totally backfired.

We could hardly ask for a more perfect example of what the stakes are in the Battle for the Net. If we lose net neutrality, there will be nothing to stop Internet providers like Comcast from going on a censorship rampage – picking and choosing what we can and can’t see based on whether it aligns with their corrupt interests.

Why was Comcast so intent on censoring the article in question? It exposed some of their most immoral lobbying efforts, using astroturf groups to attempt to speak on behalf of communities of color. This isn’t the first time an ISP has been caught outright in this type of scam – last month the leaders of national Deaf advocacy organizations embarrassed Verizon for attempting to convince Congress that net neutrality rules would be bad for people with disabilities.

We know that the big Cable companies are playing dirty, and have tons of money to amplify their twisted versions of the truth, but we’re ready for them.

So who’s on Team Cable cheerleading for censorship and who’s on Team Internet standing up for free speech through Title II reclassification?

Well, we just updated with a new political scoreboard so you can find out which side of the battle politicians and companies are choosing. Click here to check it out and share.

The next few weeks will be key as we build up our resistance to Comcast and co’s attempt at net domination. As we get closer to the FCC’s September deadline and decision, we’ll be striking harder and more often, and we’ll need everyone to step up and challenge themselves to do more.

Thursday, August 7th at 4pm EDT, we’re hosting a strategy call for anyone and everyone who wants to get more involved in the fight for net neutrality. Want to join? Click here to RSVP.

We’ll be listing the strategy call publicly on the site, but we wanted to give Fight for the Future members a heads up. It’s tomorrow at 4pm EDT.

Hope to talk to you then!

For Team Internet,
-Evan at Fight for the Future

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