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Today, two years after we learned about the US government’s massive surveillance programs on every Internet user in the world, the Senate goes to vote on a bill that’s supposed to end them. But it’s a sheep in wolf’s clothing so far; as written, it does not protect free speech in the digital age.

We need you to help make sure USA Freedom does not pass tonight. It has major flaws that Congress has failed to address. Click here to get the number to call, and retweet this if you’re on Twitter.

We’ve learned together how mass surveillance is censorship – think of how often you’ve censored yourself since learning about the NSA’s and other government programs. No open society has its government and the largest corporations monitor everyone’s actions.  They’re breaking the law, but trying to make it status quo.

Today’s the day to send a message to governments of the world that you’re against mass surveillance and won’t be fooled by fake fixes. Click here to take action and share.

This bill is bad already, and they’re about to open it up for amendments, where it could get even worse. Here’s the key issues:

  1. It  does almost nothing for mass surveillance: NSA can still access most of  our call and Internet data through loopholes; it also reauthorizes the PATRIOT Act. [1]

  2. SOPA’s sister bill, “the Bieber bill” for streaming felonies might get added!!! [2]

  3. CISA / CISPA, which would allow companies to openly violate privacy law and share our data might get added. [3]

This organization stands and fights for free speech in the digital age. We want to see a real NSA reform bill pass, but this isn’t that. Let’s all say loudly that the USA Freedom Act doesn’t go far enough, so that next time Congress tries to “fix” this problem, they know we’re watching closely.

Click here, call and retweet:

Thanks for all you do.

Tiffiniy and Evan at Fight for the Future

P.S. Here’s the full letter opposing USA Freedom we signed onto with Firedoglake, CREDO,  Sunlight Foundation, and whistleblowers William Binney, Daniel Ellsberg, and more:

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[3] Bennett, Cory. “Cyber bill’s fate hinges on NSA reform”. The Hill.